Idpoo Ebike Warranty Basics

Idpoo warranty covers Bikes and Parts that are purchased direct from up to 12 months warranty and 7 days return & refund. Idpoo bike store are guaranteed to be free from any manufacturing defects neither mechanical or electrical condition.

  1. If you are having trouble to receive your tracking number or your Z8 electric bike parcel stay in one facility for too long, We will attempt to troubleshoot your issue over the phone or email.
  2. If Idpoo fatbike arriving broken package or defective in functions – email or call us. Your may return it within (7) seven calendar days upon the date of deliver receipt. We’ll replace it. Repair is an option too, but it’s YOUR call.

Please keep your original invoice to validate your purchase to access warranty services. See the following table for details.


Warranty Time


Frame & Fork

1 Year

Frames are covered by a replacement warranty for 1 year (consumable parts, brake, battery, etc. are excluded).


1 Year

Ordinary wear and tear-related malfunction are excluded.


6 Months



6 Months


Structural Parts

1 Year

Includes the front fork, seat post, the pedals, the handlebar, rims.

Headlight & Rear Light

6 Months


1 Year Limited Warranty

Idpoo ebike components, including the bike frame, fork, and battery, are warranted to be free from manufacturer defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of original purchase.

6 Months Limited Warranty

The motor, controller, battery charger, handlebar, meter display, Shock Absorption, braking and shifting system are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of 6 months from the date of original purchase.

To start the warranty claim process, please submit the apply using below subject and a member from our team will contact you directly with next steps.

Dead on Arrival

If you discover what you believe to be a defect covered by the Idpoo ebike manufacturer’s warranty for your Z8 electric bike, please contact us at with your receipt or proof of purchase, photos/videos, and serial number. You’ll receive further instructions to process your claim and find a resolution.

Click Return & Refund to learn how to return your Idpoo Bike. Failure to provide this information will result in the claim being rejected.

Warranty on Repairs / Replacements

If a defect arises during the warranty period, Idpoo bike shop will repair the affected Z8 at no charge, exchange with an equivalent refurbished replacement, or supply a replacement part if it the problem is isolated and can be rectified with new part(s).

Battery Related Issues

Lithium-ion battery packs are consumable products that can lose charge capacity over time. Defective batteries are rare, but they are covered under warranty. Receiving a defective battery would usually mean it can not be charged or operated inside the z8 electric bike. If you believe your battery is defective, please upload photos of the battery’s serial label.

For customers experiencing issues that fall outside the warranty period, we are still here to help.

Spare parts can be purchased directly from our online store, and we provide detailed instructions for replacing common components.

The limited warranty excludes:

  1. Damage caused by scooter misuse or normal wear and tear, including issues with tires, brakes, loose joints, scratches, dents, broken plastic, or water damage. Parts can be purchased from our website for these situations.
  2. Normal wear and tear on covered components or consumable parts, such as tires, kickstands, saddles, handlebars, brake pads, cable harnesses, housing, brake levers, chains, and mudguards.
  3. Scratches caused by loose accessories during shipping.
  4. Wear and tear on protective coatings, unless failure results from a defect in materials or workmanship.
  5. Cosmetic damage on used products, including scratches, dents, broken plastic on ports, and tire deformation due to temperature changes.
  6. Damage resulting from user misuse, neglect, abuse, alterations, modifications, improper assembly, or failure to follow provided instructions.
  7. Damage caused by accidents or use with third-party components that do not meet product specifications.
  8. Damage caused by exposure to water, improper storage, fire, liquid contact, earthquakes, or other external causes.
  9. Invoice inconsistencies.
  10. Battery damage resulting from power surges, improper charger use, maintenance issues, normal wear, water damage, or gradual capacity decrease over time.

Further shipping or return & refund policy, check here.