Z8 Electric Bike Display

fat bike Idpoo Z8 display

Z8 Ebike Display Function

  • Battery level indicator
  • Assist level adjustment and indication
  • Headlight indicator
  • Speed indicators: including real-time speed, maximum speed (MAXS), and average speed (AVG)
  • Distance indicators: including ODO and trip distance (Trip)
  • Error code indicator

Idpoo Z8 Display Dashboard

idpoo z8 display
Max Speed Limits

P3 represents the speed limit setting option.
The adjustable range is 10~40 km/h. Press the “POWER” button to enter the parameter modification interface.
Use the “+/-” buttons for parameter selection. Press the “POWER” button to save the parameter and return to the selection interface of general setting options.

Fatbike Z8 Display Setting

Mileage Reset

Press and hold the “POWER” buttons and “-” at the same time for more than 2 seconds to reset the trip distance.

Restore to factory setting

“dEF” value refers to factory reset. “dEF-n” value represents not restoring factory settings, while “dEF-y” value represents restoring factory settings.
Press and hold the “POWER” button and “+” simultaneously for more than 2 seconds to enter the factory reset interface, then press the button to select a parameter.

We don’t suggest customers access the throttle setting to avoid messing up the factory default settings, otherwise normal riding cannot be guaranteed. However, if you need assistance with Z8 electric bike throttle display settings such as rated voltage, metric/imperial setting, speed sensor, or assistance sensor setting, please contact us at support@idpooebike.com.

Idpoo Z8 Electric Bike Error Code

Fault CodeFault NameFault CodeFault Name
E001controller failureE004handle failure
E002communication failureE005brake handle failure
E003Hall faultE006motor failure

Z8 E-Bike Troubleshooting

  • E001: Controller Failure – To address this, first, ensure all connections are secure and free from damage. If the issue persists, consider replacement if necessary.
  • E002: Communication Failure – This error suggests a problem with communication between components of the ebike system. Inspect display or controller connector and consult with a technician if needed.
Z8 e bike features
  • E003: Hall Fault – The Hall fault error points to a potential issue with the Hall sensor, which detects the position of the motor’s rotor. Examine sensor wiring and connections for issues.
  • E004: Handle Failure – Inspect handlebar components and replace if faulty.
  • E005: Brake Handle Failure – Check brake handles and wiring for faults.
  • E006: Motor Failure – Inspect motor and connections, seek professional diagnosis if needed.

Idpoo Electric Bike Maintenance

  1. If your Z8 bike is very dirty, please clean it with water or mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge.
  2. Do not use high pressure to wash the Z8 e-bicycle.
  3. Never wash the bearing points or electronic components of the Idpoo electric bicycle directly.
  4. Do not use irritant chemicals or alcohol wipes to clean the Idpoo bike.
  5. Please use lubricating oil to wipe the metal parts of the car body for maintenance.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to oil the brake and wheel hub.

Idpoo Ebike FAQ

You can find Idpoo Ebike on major online marketplaces for $1099, while the Z8 electric bike is available in our shop here for $999 free shipping.

Yes, Idpoo bikes offer free shipping and duty-free services to US and European Union members. Orders are dispatched from local warehouses in Cali, Netherlands, and Poland.

Fatbike Idpoo Z8 / IM-J1 can reach 28 miles per hour top speed, that is 45kmh for a class 2 ebike.

Yes, Idpoo IM-J1 use a grip throttle same as Z8 ebike. You can twist the throttle as an ebike or ride as a pedal bike.

The Idpoo Z8 is suitable for riders 5’2″- 6’5″ and weighing less than 280 LBS.

  1. To activate the Z8 / IM-J1 ebike motor, use pedal assist 1-2 or gently engage the throttle.
  2. Always pedal while shifting gears, whether moving up or down.
  3. Wear a helmet while riding and turn on the light when riding at night.
  • Always use the original battery charger.
  • When Idpoo IM-J1 battery power drops to 20%, fully charge it.
  • Store the battery separately from the Idpoo Z8 off-road bike in a dry, ventilated environment.
  • Charge the Idpoo battery at least once per month if you don’t plan to use it for an extended period.

You can send your inquiry to Idpoo bike team for needed parts, we’ll answer and get the right parts  you need.

The IM-J1 / Z8 electric bike battery is rated at 48V 15Ah. Typically, a 720Wh battery can last for 20 miles in pure electric mode and double that in pedal-assist mode.

Idpoo ships EU orders from warehouses in the Netherlands or Poland, and for continental US orders, we ship from California, ensuring no tax or duty upon delivery.

Usually your Z8/IM-J1 bike order will be shipped in 1-2 working days, you will receive tracking notification afterwards, bike will arrive within 3-7 working days.

Fatbike Idpoo IM-J1 packages are considered large or heavy shipments. Z8 electric bikes will come 90% pre-assembled, so you don’t have to be a mechanical expert—Z8 quick-release front wheel is easy to install.

Please send us photos of the defective parts to support@idpooebike.com, we will reply to you soon and send you the correct accessory or part replacement.

The range of Z8 / IM-J1 fat tire electric bike can reach up to 40 miles per charge in pedal-assist mode and approximately 25 miles in pure electric power mode.

Note: Actual results may vary depending on factors such as remaining battery, speed, load, and terrain incline.

Yes, the Z8 / IM-J1 e bike battery can be detached for separate charging without moving the entire bike. Simply unlock it with the key and lift it out. Please charge it safely.

The Idpoo IM-J1 Z8 bike headlights and brake lights cannot be turned off while the bike is on. The DRL (Daytime Running Lights) remain active as long as the bike is powered.