Idpoo Fatbike

Fatbike Idpoo Z8 changes the way you travel and makes daily trips more pleasant.

idpoo ebike motor


High Speed Motor

fatbike idpoo tire


Fat Tire Ebike

idpoo ebike battery

48V 15Ah

Removable Batter

idpoo fatbike speed

25 Mph

Max Speed

idpoo ebike range

35 Miles

Top Range

fatbike idpoo 7 speed


Shimano Gear Box

Idpoo Ebike Features


Idpoo Ebike display accurately shows speed, mileage, and battery levels. Visible under strong light and waterproof with IP67 rating.

7-Speed Transmission

Adjust the Shimano gear system help Z8 ebike to tackle any terrain and meet varying riding and training needs.

LED Front Light

Bright LED headlights to keep you visible and safe during night rides on fat bike Z8.

Suspension Fork

Idpoo Z8 dual suspension fork make you feel secure going over bumps and city road vibrations.

Removable Battery

Z8 electric bike features a removable battery for easy charging or replacement anywhere, eliminating the need to move your bike.

Comfort Saddle

Enjoy relaxed riding with Z8 bike large, high-elasticity saddle, providing ample comfort and support.

Disc Brake

Experience powerful braking and comfort on any terrain with front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

Brake Light

Eye catching power-on brake tail lights & 10m collective spotlight assures safe indication for urban commuters.

20*4.0 Fat Tire

Fat tire Z8 ebike features 20*4.0 tires by Chaoyang, offering excellent grip for traversing rugged hills with ease.

idpoo ebike

Fatbike Idpoo Z8

Ride Electric, Protect the Planet: Reduce Emissions, Embrace Sustainability!

idpoo fatbike z8

Idpoo FatBike FAQs

Want to learn more before geting yourself a new Idpoo Z8 electric bike? Check out our FAQs.

Free shipping and tax included for Z8 E-bike orders within the USA and European Union countries, excluding islands such as Hawaii or Alaska, as well as non-EU countries like Great Britain, Switzerland, and Norway.

Your Z8 e-bike order will be processed within 1-2 business days. Once shipped, you’ll receive a shipping confirmation email. We utilize FedEx for shipping, with delivery typically taking 3-7 business days. Please note that any delivery dates provided by Idpoo bike store are estimates.

You can buy Idpoo fatbike with confidence: Good prices, fast & free shipping from three regional warehouses. Free cancellation before shipping, and 15-day money back.

For order cancellations before shipping, please contact us. Once the order has been dispatched from our warehouse, it will be treated as a return. In either case, please contact customer service at

If you’d like to buy original Idpoo ebike parts with good prices at full scale, talk to our customer service team at, we offer good quality fat bike Z8 batteries and other electrical bits.

What Can You Do With Idpoo Fatbike Z8

Electric bikes offer diverse possibilities for ordinary transportation, leisure, and fitness. Fatbike Idpoo Z8 expand these possibilities further with their unique design.


Idpoo Z8 IM-J1 Fat tire ebike provides excellent traction and stability to handle rugged terrain, including sand, snow, mud, and rocky trails, allowing you to explore off-road environments with ease.

Beach Cruising

The wide, donut-like tires of the Z8 electric bike are perfect for riding on sandy beaches. You can enjoy leisurely rides along the shoreline or explore coastal areas on weekends.

All-weather Commuting

Idpoo Fatbikes Z8 excel in all weather with large tires for enhanced grip and stability, ensuring safe and comfortable year-round commuting.

Mountain Biking

Z8 Fat bike Idpoo is perfect for mountain biking adventures. Z8 bike handles rough trails, steep inclines, and technical descents, offering an exhilarating ride for outdoor enthusiast.


Fat tire electric bike like the Idpoo Z8 are perfect for bikepacking. Load up your ebike with camping gear for multi-day adventures exploring remote wilderness and scenic landscapes.

Urban Exploring

Idpoo fat bike Z8 isn't just for off-road adventures. It's also great for urban commuting, offering a comfortable and versatile transportation option in cities and suburbs.

Idpoo Ebike Reviews

4.65 out of 5


I needed a budget electric bike for commuting under $1000, so I wasn’t expecting much from the Z8. But wow, it blew me away. It’s not your average e-bike; it feels more like a mountain bike.—I’ve even taken it off-road with friends, and it tackled sand and mud like a champ.


We absolutely love our bike. Great bike all round. Very sturdy with tires that provide excellent stability, and a fun to ride. It’s very comfortable and more like riding a motorcycle.


Top-notch bike with top-notch customer service! Fast shipping, and the bike rides smoothly. I highly recommend it! My son is happy, the bike is really great.

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